Simple Pleasures

Sleeping in and a fresh pot of coffee. That’s how I started my day. What made it even better is that the coffee was already brewed thanks to my awesome roommate. I spend a lot of time doing nice things for others & it’s such a welcome surprise when something nice is done for me. He even set out my coffee cup & washed some of last night’s dishes. If there’s one thing I can’t stand about cooking, it’s washing the dishes afterwards. Dishwashers are great for large messes or extra messy items. We have one and ironically we’ve found that with just two of us it’s more convenient to not use the dishwasher all the time. Washing a plate takes only a few seconds, rather than going without the plate while it’s sitting in the dishwasher waiting to be washed.

So now that my coffee has been consumed it’s time to start my day’s activities which include running a couple errands and checking out the Oregon Berry Festival. I love food events! This one I make sure to attend every year, to visit with my favorite vendors and sample their products.


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