Flavor BOMB!

So a while ago I decided to make some burgers. In the freezer I had a pound of lamb & half a pound of 80/20 beef. Mixed together I could make 4 third-pound burgers. The key to a great burger is having a lot of seasoning and cooking it in a way that the burger is neither over or undercooked.

In my garden I have a large chocolate mint plant. Due to the summer’s high temperatures the mint started to dry on the stem. I had previously harvested the dried mint before acquiring the burger meat. Lamb & mint go great together, so that was the start of this dish. I also added salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, dried oregano, parsley, and a little tartar sauce for moisture.

Grilling is not an option at my house right now, so I cooked the burgers in a pan. With high heat I seared one side before lowering the heat and flipping the burgers once. I was careful to find that happy place of still juicy & not too pink. No one likes a dry burger or one that will get you sick.

When finished, the burgers were placed on brioche buns that had been toasted and buttered. Instead of going for traditional burger toppings, the meat rested on a cushion of caprese salad. Plum tomatoes, fresh basil, and smoked mozzarella were marinated in olive oil and seasonings.

FLAVOR BOMB!!! The first bite was an explosion of tastes and textures. First the mint played with the lamb and beef. Then the creamy cheese came through with the juicy tomatoes. The basil was a great palate cleanser and brought me back for another bite. While the brioche looked nice & had an airy texture, it was not a strong enough bread to hold up to the juicy burger. Overall though, I consider this to be a successful dish & I’m really excited that I got to create it.


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