The Art and Challenge of Fusion

Tonight I watched an episode of Guy’s Grocery Games. The challenge at hand was the fusion of two cuisines, Chinese and Italian. The first thing I thought of was pasta since noodles were invented in China. I love fusion because there’s so many ways of being creative. Distinct flavors could be mixed in a sauce, ingredients in a dish, or two dishes combined. My own style, which I like to call comfort fusion, is a mix of comfort foods (like nachos) with ethnic flavors. My most successful dish so far has been Greek Nachos, which is beef or lamb seasoned with herbs and lemon served on top of pita chips. Once on Food Network, Guy visited a restaurant that was a combination of Chinese and Mexican cuisine. For the Chinese/Italian combo I would make either pork potstickers in tomato ragu, stir fry over Italian pasta (maybe fettuccini or bowties), or gnocchi in a soy ginger sauce. If I had stronger pastry skills I might attempt a Chinese donut either filled with or served with tiramisu cream.


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