Garden Secrets and Surprises

A few days ago I was outside and a neighbor made a strange comment to me. She asked what kind of squash I was growing. This confused the hell out of me because I don’t have any squash in my garden, just cucumber plants which aren’t producing any fruit. She asked if I was sure and advised me to check out my yard. Upon returning to my house I headed to the back yard. Still no cucumbers. Then I remembered seeing one of the vines poke its way through the fence. When I looked around the corner, much to my surprise, there were THREE huge lemon cucumbers!! They were so overgrown that they had turned orange and were the size of small pumpkins. Each weighed about a pound apiece.

IMG_2378Despite being larger than usual, the flavor was unaffected. Seasoned with a little Hawaiian black salt, the cucumbers made for a refreshing snack.


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